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Heart-Led Communication and Radical Emergence with Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCAS

Y'all know how much I value REAL connection, communication, and understanding in relationships--so when I learned that my friend and colleague Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCAS was launching her coaching practice that centers heart-led communication, you better believe I reached out as soon as I could and asked that she share some of her knowledge and wisdom with all of us!

In the blog this week, Jordan shares some of her favorite communication tools (that you can start using TODAY), the barriers to connection she witnesses (specifically for millenials), and why it's SO DAMN HARD to just put your phone down.

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Sex and Attachment Interview Series with Jamie Brazell: Part 1

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to talk with Jamie Brazell, M. Ed., LMFT, CST in this first interview about Sex & Attachment. During this first piece, we are talking about the work Jamie does, the different variables that can impact intimacy, and the importance of flexibility in relationships…

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How will YOU show up this year?

Hi! Wowza—anyone still recovering from the doozy of a year that was 2017? I can feel that the energy has shifted and 2018 is definitely here, but I think my nervous system is still catching up. I’ve tried to be extra gentle with myself over the past few weeks as I navigated traveling and an office move, and I have been giving myself some space to envision the role I’d like Heirloom to play in our communities and how I want to show up as a business owner, clinician, and human being over the next year.

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Scripts for Soothing: Avoidant Attachment Adaptation

In a previous blog post, I talked about strategies for soothing partners with an anxious attachment adaptation. As we talked about before, understanding our personal attachment styles as well as our partner’s can help us deescalate tricky relationship dynamics before they become blow-out arguments. In this post, we’ll be talking about soothing strategies for folks with an avoidant attachment adaptation.


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Scripts for Soothing: Anxious Attachment Adaptation

Arguing with our partner is quite possibly one of the most stressful day-to-day experiences we can have. On the way out the door to work, when we arrive home and are trying to get dinner on the table, or right before bed; no matter how it happens, it’s kind of the worst. Bedtime is my least favorite argument time. My partner and I are both exhausted and even our best deescalating and coping skills can’t stop a petty disagreement from becoming a blow-out argument where we go to bed pissed and wake up feeling crappy.

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