here to heal podcast, episode 15: season finale - bringing our whole selves to healing

In the Season 1 finale, Elizabeth shares more about her own personal healing—her continued process around her cancer diagnosis earlier in her life, her journey with fertility, and some exciting news! She also explores some of what she has learned throughout Season 1 related to healing and our continued growth individually and collectively. Elizabeth also shares her deep gratitude for YOUR support of the podcast.

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here to heal podcast, episode 12: The Healing Process Sucks But It’s Totally Worth It

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Asheville native Kayla Pittman as she shares with us the hard truths about her healing journey. Kayla gets real about how she can be the “queen of hating”, but also knows how important it is to do the healing work. Kayla shares how she has shifted her social media presence from posting all the happy things to getting really honest, open and vulnerable about her healing journey. In turning her pain into power she has inspired her community and created deeper connections.

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here to heal podcast, episode 11: can all wounds be healed?

In today’s episode, I am getting real about a question that has come up for me: “Can all wounds be healed?” As I sat with my emotions, my privilege and my skills I came to the answer “yes”, with a caveat. I’m sharing about the connection between individual experiences and the need for healing in the collective, as well as how I create hope when I’m feeling lost. I can’t wait for you to tune in!

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here to heal podcast, episode 8: aligning with truth to claim your power

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Michele Ashley (she/her). Michele shows up in the world as a conscious change agent, yoga teacher, life mastery coach and conscious business consultant. She is devoted to creating sacred space for others to expand, explore and engage with higher consciousness in order to step out of fear, step into their power and step up to their destiny in life.

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here to heal podcast, episode 6: unearthing and cultivating healing through vulnerability and presence


In Episode 6, I’m talking with Aurora Gantz, an artist who loves connecting with nature and is super into personal growth!

Aurora shares with us the importance of connecting with and holding space ourselves, self-care practices, their connection with tea through presence and intuition, and how all of these have an impact on how we show up in relationship with others. They also remind us how healing is a journey. Step by step. Day by day. Breath by breath.

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here to heal podcast, episode 5: healing in relationship: concepts of adult attachment theory

We all have patterns in relationships—some of them are easier for us to spot than others. Have you ever wondered where these patterns come from or why it’s so hard to change them? In today’s solo episode, I’m talking all about the concepts of adult attachment theory. From the anxious style to the avoidant style to the style we are all working toward (secure!), we are covering the basics of relationships patterns in order to support one another in amplifying what’s working and switching up what doesn’t.

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