How will YOU show up this year?


Wowza—anyone still recovering from the doozy of a year that was 2017? I can feel that the energy has shifted and 2018 is definitely here, but I think my nervous system is still catching up. I’ve tried to be extra gentle with myself over the past few weeks as I navigated traveling and an office move (!!!), and I have been giving myself some space to envision the role I’d like Heirloom to play in our community and how I want to show up as a business owner, clinician, and human being over the next year.

The opportunity for connection is a weighty gift. We know this. Along with the joy, love, and belonging we feel, we are also given a great responsibility to be emotionally available. To speak our truth and hold our boundaries. To be authentic and genuine. To own up to our mistakes and learn from them. To recognize our purpose and live from that place, even if it’s scary. We owe that to ourselves and to each other.

That’s why I’m changing up the way I communicate with you. I’m ready to share more of what I love—real conversations about relationships, personal growth, and the experiences we all share that make us authentic and human. The struggles that are hard as hell and crack our hearts open to experience more of the beauty and joy our short time here has to offer. I’m ready to be more transparent and share more of my heart with you. Sharing, teaching, learning, and growing are why I’m here, and I want to be in total alignment with that. You’ll see more of me on the blog, and I’ll be sending out some special freebies and tools on my newsletter to support you in making the changes (big or small!) you want in your life--so if you're interested, hop on here. I've got SO much good stuff to share with you.

And here’s the thing—I want to hear from YOU. I want to know what you’re looking for. What you’re struggling with. What I can share with you that will help you get un-stuck—from the stagnant place in your relationship, from the job that’s sucking your soul from your body every time you walk through the door, from the place in parenting that feels so repetitive and frustrating and draining. We don’t have to suffer, and we certainly don’t have to suffer alone. What do you need right now? Let me know here. I can’t wait to hear from you and give you some tools and strategies to make some movement and change your life. If there was ever a time to do it, it's now.

I believe in the incredible power of connection. Of inner strength. Of our ability to heal our hearts after they break over and over again. The resiliency of living beings blows my mind every single day. Let’s honor that together. Let’s root down in the space where we can see each other—really see—and celebrate the magic that is living. Thank you so much for being here with me and for doing the hard work. I'm glad to know we're in this together.

You are amazing.

Talk to you soon!