Getting Clear: An Organized List of Blog Posts, from Me to You


One of my favorite parts of my private practice is connecting with so many people. Not only do I build relationships with clients, I also have an opportunity to talk with people from all over the world about the thing we have in common: our desire to build strong, healthy, loving relationships.

People share their stories with me and often ask questions, like “what do I do next? How should I move forward? Do you know of any resources for this?” Because sometimes they just need a bit of information that will support them in approaching their challenges with as much integrity and love as possible. That is where my writing comes in. I want resources to feel accessible to you. We should have access to information to support us as we work to heal ourselves and our relationships. Sometimes we don’t have the capacity to read an entire book or even if we do, we don’t experience the connection and support we might when we talk to a real person who has done the work, too.

I’ve written a number of blog posts about creating healthy relationships, anxious attachment, avoidant attachment, and ways to develop more intimacy and connections in your partnerships. I love doing this. Today, I’m sharing a list of posts divided by topic so they are easier for you to access.

And personal side note: organization is not my strength! That’s vulnerable to say, but it’s true. I am an ideas and content person all the way. Providing this list is also an opportunity for me to get really clear about what it is I’m sharing with you so I can continue to develop resources that feel in alignment with my purpose, passion, and integrity. This time of year inspires me to review what I’ve shared so far and keeps me grounded as I begin to think about the future (more on that in a moment—but I feel REALLY excited about it!).


Additionally, one of the things I recommend to the clients I work with is that they review their values and ultimate goals for their relationships often. It’s easy to get off track and feel distracted by what’s coming up in the moment, and we can lose sight of what it is we are working toward. Depending on our learning style, we need to see, hear, read, or experience something multiple times before we fully learn it and are able to engage with the material in a way that will truly benefit us and our partnerships. Be curious, learn, practice, repeat.

As I share this list, I am curious about what is missing for you. What resources or topics are not here that you wish were? I’m planning my projects for 2019 and if there is something you are specifically looking for, I would be happy to add it to my list for the upcoming year. It’s important to me that you have what you need as you are doing your healing work, so if I can be helpful, I would love to know how I can support you. Your feedback matters. Your voice matters.

So let me know: what resources or information do you need moving forward? What topics would be helpful for me to address in the upcoming months?

Finally, at the bottom of this list, I have a link to my favorite books and resources. I continue to add to this list as I catch up on my reading and research. If there are books or resources missing that you feel would be helpful to add, please let me know so I can put them on my reading list!

Here it is! If you feel any of your important people would benefit from seeing this list, please pass it along to them. I always appreciate folks sharing my work so we can all be on the healing path together.

I have so much gratitude for you. Thank you for being here.



Basics of Attachment Theory

Do You Know Your Attachment Style?

What Does It Mean to be Attached? Why Does Attachment Matter?

What Does It Mean to Have Secure Attachment, Anyway?

How We Learn to Abandon Ourselves

Healing Anxious Attachment

Healing Anxious Attachment

Doing the Work, Healing, and Celebrating

Healing the Anxious-Avoidant Relationship Pattern

Attachment Injuries: How Do We Fix This?

Scripts for Soothing: Anxious Attachment Adaptation

Understanding Avoidant Attachment

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Avoidants (this is a bit controversial)

How to Know if Your Avoidant Partner Wants to Work On Your Relationship

If You Are In a Relationship with an Avoidant Partner: Part 1

If You Are In a Relationship with an Avoidant Partner: Part 2

Scripts for Soothing: Avoidant Attachment Adaptation

Attachment Injuries: How Do We Fix This?

Social Justice and Equity

Healing Shouldn’t Be a Privilege

The Intersection of Attachment and Social Justice

Healthy Relationships & Common Challenges

On Commitment

A Relationship Permission Slip

A Love Letter to the Insecurely Attached

Did You Choose the Wrong Partner?

What Sabotaging, Blaming, and Pulling Away Have in Common in Relationships

Resilience and Repair Are Where It’s At

Do You Self-Sabotage in Relationships?

When You Are Triggered in Your Relationship

What You and Your Partner Need to Know to Resolve Arguments

Saying No Is Your Friend—Here’s How

How Practical Love Can Warm Our Hearts

Boundaries are Badass

Emptying Our Suitcase Hearts: Letting Go of What Holds Us Back

Ending Relationships

When You Have Stayed in Your Relationship Too Long

Sex and Sexuality

Sex & Attachment Interview Series with Jamie Brazell, Part 1

The Anxious-Avoidant Dynamic in Sexual Relationships with Jamie Brazell (part 1)

The Anxious-Avoidant Dynamic in Sexual Relationships with Jamie Brazell (part 2)

Poly and Open Relationships

Nonmonogamy & Attachment

Navigating High Sensitivity In Relationships

On Taking Space and Fostering Sensitivity

No, I Can’t Just “Get Over It”: Understanding Highly Sensitive People

Books and Resources