Doing the work, healing and celebrating


I am so happy to be here to celebrate the launch of my newest offering, the Healing Anxious Attachment Online Course!

The incredibly warm reception of this course on the First to Know list touched my heart and incited some happy dancing! I am thrilled folks are finding this helpful and supportive, so getting to announce it again today is even more exciting!

This course comes from my heart. If you've read my blog before, you know I have done much healing work to earn more security in my most important relationships. I know the intensity, hopelessness, frustration, and deep sadness that live in the anxious, unknown space of insecurity because I have been there. I want you to feel more comfort and I want you to be able to receive all of the love you can in this lifetime. I am committed to healing for all of us, and it starts with digging in and doing our own work.

I wanted to be sure this course included as many intentional practices and activities as I could muster because practicing is the key. We can read all day long but until we engage ourselves in the act of becoming more secure, the attainment of true connection and security stays somewhere on the horizon. It is up to us to embody security. I give you many opportunities to do just that in this course.

Here are my hopes for you: that you connect with the parts of you that have been abandoned along the way. That you recognize your true value in this world. That you tap into the ever-present sources of security and connection in your life, starting with your own breath. That you invest in yourself and allow your patience and dedication to support you on the journey toward security, stability, and confidence. That you honor and respect yourself and expect the same from your relationships. That you see the tremendous growth you make as you embark on this adventure and remember that you always have access to healing.

Doing the work isn't easy. Far from it. Trudging through is hard when we feel like we're in it alone. I truly believe connection is the key when it comes to healing work (and all the work, really). Remembering we are in good company, that there isn't anything wrong with us, and that the time and energy we devote to healing ourselves translates into more love, security, healthy boundary-setting, and satisfying relationships--that's where it's at. Let's celebrate every bit of healing we do along the way, with ourselves and with each other. It's all meaningful, and it's all worth it.

I have so much love and gratitude for you. Thank you for being here, and I hope this course is exactly what you need at this moment.

I am right here with you. If you need anything at all, please reach out to me. We are in this together.

Love, hugs, and abundant security,


p.s. In the spirit of living fully and practicing what I preach, I am going to be stepping back a bit from blogging for the month of July to take a breath. I will be preparing newsletters to share some of my most read blog posts (because seeing things again increases the likelihood that we can fully take them in and process them!). You can hop on the list here to receive updates and more information to support your healing journey. I have lots of time with family planned and traveling scheduled and want to return to writing refreshed and full of ideas to share with you! That being said, I am ALWAYS here if you would like to check in, ask a question, or share how the course is going for you. I can't wait to be back with you soon!