Tell the Truth About Your Life


Happy September! It feels impossible that we’re in the last third of the year and that 2020 is just around the corner—but here we are!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our opportunities to tell the truth about our lives. Do you do this? When someone asks you how you’re doing, are you honest? Or is it just easier to say “good” and move on, burying the truth even deeper inside?

I’ve definitely had my ups and downs over the past several months—and for me, telling the truth about my experience helps me stay in my integrity, stay connected to my humanness and our collective humanness, and gives me permission to be fully myself. No one’s life is perfect. None of us get out of this unscathed. When we begin to value our struggles, knowing that they are helping us to learn and grow and change (ready or not!), we don’t have to hide them anymore. We get to show up as whole, complex, interesting, and REAL people in the world. If you listened to the Here to Heal podcast at all, you’ve heard this firsthand. This reality is so important to me, and I hope you will consider the ways that showing up fully might benefit you, your family, and your community. We all have a chance to demonstrate how important it is to be genuine versions of ourselves and it starts with telling the truth about our lives.

And on that note, I need to tell you: I have NOT been feeling very creative lately! I think this pregnancy and the emotional challenges I’ve faced recently have utilized the creative energy I normally bring to my work. This leaves me in an interesting place because I start wondering “are people going to decide that I’m worthless now? Is my value as a person in what I offer in my work?” Frankly, it’s a slippery slope that I’m trying to stay away from because here is what I know: we are all valuable, whether we are working, not working, producing, not producing, creating, not creating (or creating in a different way, in this case!), etc. Your value as a human is not tied to your productivity. It’s just not. So in the spirit of being honest, I’m feeling a bit stuck as to how to proceed at this moment—and I’m asking for your help.

So I’m curious: what might be helpful for you in your life right now? How can I support you? Are there blog posts you’d love to read that I haven’t gotten around to writing? What questions do you have—about healing, relationships, attachment, boundaries, connection, or community? Would you be interested in submitting questions that I answer on a podcast episode? How about an online course on self-healing with detailed steps for doing so? I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what resonates for you. I could use some support in finding direction for my next project—and you are always my best guide for that. Thank you in advance for taking a moment to respond to this request

I’m sending you love and courage to be honest about who you are and about what you’re going through. The world needs to hear from you, just as you are.



Elizabeth GilletteComment