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This week's blog:

Are you a good partner?

We are usually not taught how to be in relationship with other people, at least not explicitly. Our learning comes from our experiences—and until we are actually in a romantic partnership, we don’t know how to do it. We learn as we go.

Many of us have a tendency to focus on what our partner isn’t doing rather than what we could be doing better or differently to improve our relationship(s). When we focus on what isn’t happening, we aren’t bringing our best selves to the partnership.

Support Bundle for Working Through Disconnection in Relationships

The Working Through Disconnection Support Bundle is set of worksheets and a coaching recording created to provide guideposts in navigating these moments of disconnection. The worksheets can be used over and over again, supporting you in becoming more efficient at resolving your arguments. The recording serves as a reset button to pull you and your partner back to center and remind you of why you’re together and that you’re a team.

Support Bundle for the highly sensitive person

We know how challenging it can be to experience the world as a highly sensitive person. We want to offer you concrete, practical, useful tools to transform feelings of overstimulation and overwhelm into ease, groundedness, and peace.

This support bundle includes printable worksheets you can use daily, journal prompts, quick facts & resources, and a meditation to support healthy boundary-setting and an increased sense of empowerment and comfort.

healing anxious attachment online course

If you experience anxious attachment--always wanting more from your partner, feeling dissatisfied with your relationship connection, and feeling unsettled or worried when you are apart, I want you to know I totally get it. I understand how stressful it is to experience anxious attachment moments--and I want to support you in healing those old patterns so you can experience more ease, calm, and joy in your relationships with others. This is a self-guided course that will support you in creating healthier patterns so you can experience more security in your relationships with others.