The Support Bundle for Working Through Disconnection in Relationships

You know that feeling—when you and your partner are spending time together and getting along well, and then all of a sudden you hit a snag. Defenses are up, you are being short with each other, and pretty soon you are in full-blown argument mode.

And it feels like everything is falling apart.

This support bundle was designed for these moments.

The Working Through Disconnection Support Bundle is a set of worksheets and a coaching recording created to provide guideposts in navigating these moments of disconnection. I have totally been there before and know how crappy it feels to feel hopeless in finding a solution to the disconnect. 

The simple fact that you will pull out this worksheet and focus on it instead of what is happening between you will shift the dynamic. But more than that, these activities honor the fact that there is something happening under the surface of this argument that must be addressed. By getting to those feelings (instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty details of the argument), you can process the disconnection more quickly and move forward together.

It’s a little bit like having a therapist in your back pocket when life happens and you hit a snag in your relationship.

The worksheets can be used over and over again, supporting you in becoming more efficient at resolving your arguments. The recording serves as a reset button to pull you and your partner back to center and remind you of why you’re together and that you’re a team.

Ready for a tool to support you the next time you’re on different pages? This bundle is ready to download and can be used immediately.

Disclaimer: Please note, this educational tool is not a substitute for mental health therapy. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges, please seek out an appropriate clinician to support you. Psychology Today and Open Path Collective are great places to start!

My partner and I completed this set of worksheets at a time of disconnection and found comfort and relief through the guidance and support of the bundle. Through empathy and personal accountability, we were able to re-connect and move on from our disagreement more quickly and effectively than attempting to work it out ourselves. I highly recommend this support bundle to anyone experiencing disconnection from their partner.