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healing anxious attachment online course


I understand how stressful it is to experience anxious attachment moments--and I want to support you in healing those old patterns so you can experience more ease, calm, and joy in your relationships with others. I'm right here with you to address these challenges. We can do this together!

This course will:

  • clearly explain what anxious attachment is, where it comes from, and why we have it

  • discuss what is needed to HEAL anxious attachment

  • provide scripts and suggestions for healthy communication in relationships to reduce anxious attachment experiences, including communicating needs effectively, choosing the best time to have a tough conversation, celebrating when things go well, and processing effectively when they don’t

  • provide a workbook full of practices to increase self-soothing, resilience, self-esteem, and boundary-setting

  • support you in becoming aware of lifelong patterns and addressing them effectively using a combination of video, audio, worksheets, and practices that will serve you in healing yourself and your relationships

This course is PACKED with information to support you on your healing journey.

The course is self-guided, which means you pay for the course up front and then have lifetime access to it! You watch the videos and complete the worksheets at your own pace and on your own time. I want this to be as accessible as possible for people who are interested in doing this work! This course is gender- and sexuality-inclusive and uses gender-neutral language throughout. If you are queer or a POC, are interested in purchasing this course, and have financial hardship, please contact me so we can discuss options together.

I can't wait to share this with you.

This course is hosted on the Teachable platform, which allows you to complete it using your phone, tablet, or computer. By clicking the button below, you will be redirected to my Teachable "classroom" and prompted to register for the course!

The support bundle for highly sensitive people

Are you a highly sensitive person? About 20% of the population has traits of high sensitivity, including experiencing emotions on a deep level, feeling overwhelmed by excessive environmental stimulation, having difficulty making decisions, and being told they are "too sensitive" by others. However, people who are highly sensitive have incredible gifts to offer the world and it's important to foster sensitivity rather than shaming it.

The Support Bundle for Highly Sensitive People includes a printable workbook you can use daily, journaling prompts, facts & resources, and a beautiful boundary-setting meditation narrated by Laura Torres. The bundle is just $12 and you can download it here to begin embracing your sensitivity.

Support Bundle(1).png