RECLAIM: A Virtual Process Group for Deeply Feeling People

You already know you’re highly sensitive. Now what? We’ve heard your desire for additional support and resources for thriving as a deeply feeling being. So we’ve put together this six week series to dive deeper into our sensitive nature and transform our experiences of sensitivity.

In this series, we will explore how to work with the energetics of sensitivity, set healthy boundaries, honor our self-worth and become more discerning about how we utilize our resources, and develop a deeper understanding of our sensitive systems in relationship with others. This is not about rescuing one another from our sensitivity. It’s about reclaiming our sensitivity as our strength versus our liability.

This offering will include six virtual 1.5 hour group sessions where members will have the opportunity to develop a new relationship with their sensitivity through experiential exercises, collaborative discussions, and intentional practices.

Monday April 1- Monday May 6 from 7-8:30pm Eastern Standard Time