28 Day commitment to healthier relationships

Security. We talk about it a lot (especially on the Heirloom Counseling blog!), but it can feel elusive when we are so busy trying to keep our lives running on a day to day basis and keep our personal lives from exploding because we have so much on our plates.

As I move forward in my work with relationships and attachment theory, I'm aware that we need to put security into action if we are going to feel the positive impact of security on our partnerships. That's where this Commitment comes in.

I love the word commitment. I think it's beautiful. It captures the concept of devotion, the ways we continue to show up for ourselves and each other, even when it's uncomfortable and difficult and we would rather be somewhere else. It's about continuing to choose our life, our partner, our relationship, our family, our values. It's about navigating the challenges of real relationships. It's also about community.

Committing to the work is really difficult if we feel like we are alone in that. I have spoken with so many people who are on the journey to security, but don't feel like they have anyone to share that with. It feels to me like that's the opposite of what we need as we are trying to become more secure. Having a community to share our positive experiences with can change everything. We get to celebrate our accomplishments, the tiny changes we make that have a huge impact on our lives.

28 Day Commitment to Healthier Relationships.png


The 28 Day Commitment to Healthier Relationships program begins on October 3rd and will end on October 31st (Halloween!)! I’m calling it a “commitment” because I think we all need more practice with that. The goal of this program is to support you in developing more security in all of your relationships by sending you activities, strategies, and information every day for a month that you can apply to your life that same day. You don't have to be in a romantic partnership to participate; you just need to have relationships with people in your life that you would like to improve, including the one with yourself.

I also wanted to create this program to provide a low-cost, accessible option for folks who are really interested in creating more security in their lives but are on a low budget.

And because I believe security is fostered in COMMUNITY, we will also have a private facebook group to share our security successes, challenges, and questions. You will have the opportunity to connect with other people who are interested in creating more security in their lives and in the world. We will support each other. The cost is $39 for the month-long email program and access to the facebook group (where I will be hopping in daily to check in with you). AND do you want to know what I’m most excited about? I want to send you some snail mail (because who doesn’t love snail mail?) as part of the program, if you’re into that kind of thing :)

This program runs from October 3, 2018 through October 31, 2018. The facebook group will stay open at the end of the program!

Registration closes Friday, September 28th. I can't wait to be part of this with you!